Thursday, February 3, 2011

Double Delicious!

I don't remember how we got on the topic of doubles but my friend, Valerie, immediately named A&A as the best and ultimate spot in Brooklyn for doubles.  Not only did she certify its deliciousness but created a mystique around the shop explaining that you almost have to 'catch' A&A as it is often closed. I wondered when the heck could I get my hands on one if they keep 'interesting' hours. Come to find out that doubles and bakes are generally breakfast foods or snacks, so no need to be open around the clock. Nonetheless, I'm so late! I've tasted roti done every which way but never tasted a double!

So, I venture over to Nostrand avenue one brisk February afternoon for my maiden tasting (I prayed that they'd be open!) I combed the street hoping not to overlook the shop which I hear is a whole in a wall, but upon finding it, the store is small but clean, well-lit and quite pleasant. I look over the very concise menu: bakes and doubles styled with different seasonings, essentially spicy or sweet. 

The young woman behind the glass begins to assemble my double, placing two palm sized pieces of fried bread (sort of like Indian naan, but not baked) side by side, hence explaining the name double. 

She placed a dollop of curried channa, then tamarind sauce then a flagrant chutney, wrapped it up in wax paper. I thought I better get another one, "double that order of doubles, please."

Before I left the shop I had a little sneak peek, delish:

I imagine that nothing goes better with doubles than Peardrax!

The bike ride home was only 10 minutes but with the tamarind, cumin and curry mixture fluttering and the warmth of the bread on my back it seemed like I would never get home!

Oh, the joy that danced on my lips once I finally tasted and for $1.25. Of course, I had to take a million pictures of them, here's one:

Taste for yourself:

A & A Bake and Doubles
481 Nostrand Ave
(between Fulton St & Halsey St) 
Brooklyn, NY 11216

They're open at 6:30am - 3pm, Satrudays open until 5pm, closed Sunday


  1. Hey!!! I Want Some!!!
    Haven't Had Peardrax in YEARS!!!

  2. Thank you and thanks for stopping by! Yes, Peardrax is very refreshing!

  3. Oh mannnn those look amazing!